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Immortelle Hydrosol 100ml

25,00 inc. Vat

100% natural, no preservatives

Immortelle hydrosol is especially recommended in the treatment of dry, mature, sensitive and tired skin on which it has a particularly good effect because it improves bloodstream and helps in skin regeneration.


Excellent in soothing various skin irritations and inflammations in wound, scar and scratch healing and in edema and hematoma healing. It is perfect as a soothing face tonic for red, inflamed, sensitive and reactive skin. Immortelle hydrosol dampens and nourishes dry, sensitive and damaged skin, which is why it is also used in soothing sunburns and burns in general.


100% natural Immortelle flower hydrosol, no preservatives, stabilized by microfiltration

Keep in a cold and dark place at temperature not exceeding 24°C.
Consume within 6 months after opening.

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