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Our Way

All natural and organic products customized for your skin's unique needs. A holistic journey with smart skincare regime which supports your skin microbiome making your skin healthy and vibrant.


Green Beauty

Natural and organic, some products are certified by ECOCERT, support Fair Trade and handmade.


Even nowadays some cosmetic
products are tested on animals. That
is not the case for us.

Vibrant Care
A journey to revive your skin with sun, water, air and earth elements infused within the botanicals and a holistic way that restores your mind and body.
Non-Toxic Formula
Dont worry, our products are non-toxic, and are filled with leaves, roots and flowers, mushrooms, oils and honey. Potent whole-plant extracts and infusions.
Personalized Experience
Holistic, organic skincare, products and a comprehensive education concerning your specific skin type and condition with every visit. Customized just for you.
We Love What We Do
URBAN Holistic is proud to offer safe, clean, potent natural solutions for your skin, self care and products without compromising quality, beauty and health.

Our Way

Our approach has always been a little bit different that you have maybe tried or experience before. We work with the skin not against the skin. For example, while other will encourage you to double cleanse 2× a day and use harsh acids to do it, I will encourage you and explain to you why once per day is enough and how to do it. While other will encourage you that you need 10-step skincare routine I will strip your routine to basic trio and explain why to keep it simple. By taking an active, yet gentle approach, the skin’s natural healing abilities are encouraged, without the risk of irritation or unnecessary inflammation. Let's create something that will be unique, effective and customized, just for you. Does this resonate with you? Book your appointment and start changing your skin, reveal your true complexion.

Our Products

The basis of ethic and pride is the exclusive use of highly concentrated and pure quality natural and organic ingredients including: vegetable oils, essential oils, vegetable extracts and plant distillates, whose purity and efficiency are optimum in skin care. All components are of a high quality, owing to the careful selection of plants according to their geographical origin and owing to the rigorous controls carried out throughout their extraction and utilization. We support skincare companies who have standards, taking pride in responsible harvesting, packaging and product testing.
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