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HinokiBõ ® Face Massage

Traditional Japanese HinokiBõ ® massage, come and discover an authentic expirience. For your body, for your mind, for your spirit!


Inherited from a millennial tradition developed in Japan, this exclusive facial massage technique is practiced using a stick (Bõ) of Japanese cypress (Hinoki), a noble wood essence with antiseptic properties. The use of the Hinoki stick enhances the effects of a classic massage as a result of the shape of this particular accessory. HinokiBõ®, a unique and original treatment, combines the positive effects of acupressure, stimulation of the meridians and lymphatic drainage.

The HinokiBõ ® massage combines manual massage techniques and maneuvers with the Hinoki wooden stick. The care consists of smoothing, applying pressures, muscle stretching, and doing draining frictions for a total well being. This massage is unique by the specificity of its accessory which the original design is handcrafted by Japanese craftsman.

After so many years of practicing massages, Ms. Watanabe suffered from chronic back pain. She has tried many treatments in different institutions to relieve her pain. Which is how she was inspired to create a care which allows a work on muscle and energy benefiting both the therapist and the person massaged. She came up with the idea of designing an accessory which could effortlessly increase the power of the therapist, while providing a unique experience of great quality to the client. After 10 years of research, studies and tests, the HinokiBõ ® massage was born. This treatment is a work of synergy between the hands of the therapist and the unique baton of Hinoki.This massage was born in Japan in 2007, inspired by several age-old techniques. The HinokiBo® offers a very unique experience. Launched in 2007 in Japan, it is today one of the most requested treatment in their BLOOM CLASSIC institutes.

The Hinoki wood is a variety of Japanese Cypress. This noble wood has been used for centuries in the construction of Buddhist temples. It is extremely resistant and has antiseptic properties. The Hinoki is a type of conifers, each Hinoki tree can reach a height of 5 to 40 meters. With its woody, balsamic notes and aromatic accents, it is used as a base note by the greatest perfumers. The HinokiBõ is made of 100% natural Hinoki wood, selected by extremely rigorous criteria to ensure an irreproachable quality. Each HinokiBõ is handcrafted by our Japanese craftsman located in Mastuyama. In order to protect the environment and its biodiversity, they wait for each tree to have reached its maturity before using its wood (which is at least 50 years old). Then, each HinokiBõ is hand-carved which makes each stick unique.

A powerful facial ritual that restores luminosity and skin tone to give you an instant, natural facelift. It will delight those who want to revive the radiance of their skin with a detoxifying, draining and relaxing treatment with contouring effect. This treatment is ideal for all people who love to take care of their skin and look using effective, non-invasive 100% natural alternatives to surgery or cosmetic medicine. The treatment combines a hands and a stick massage that guarantees instant relaxation, and follows with a combination of the best manual anti-aging massage techniques. Combined, synchronized, precise and gentle movements oxygenate your tissues and stimulate your facial muscles to lift your face and smoothen expression lines. The treatment consists of smoothing, pressure, muscle stretching, draining friction for total well-being, and the meridians and pressure point stimulation. A beauty ritual that will also help eliminate toxins, boost blood and lymphatic circulation, release muscle tension and contour the face. Stimulating the meridians and pressure points will reactivate the Qi. Your skin will be firmer and radiant after this unique Japanese ritual.


  • Remodel the face
  • Stimulates the production of collagen leading to firmer skin
  • Lifting and contouring feature
    Lymphatic drainage leading to brighter skin
  • Reactivating the Qi
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