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URBAN Holistic
Boutique Skin Care Salon

We are ready to share the little secrets and all the knowledge we have. If you prefer the power of natural beauty we are looking forward to meet you!

Holistic, natural, and organic way.

Holistic skincare products, rely solely on natural plant extracts whose ingredients have powerful antioxidant properties to nourish the skin in more ways than one – from defending it against environmental factors to promoting a balanced skin condition.

Some of the concerns regarding our skin is preventing and reducing the visible signs of aging, fighting different disbalance, and chronic skin inflammations. To do that, we must infuse our skin with nourishing essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and enzymes.  When the skin is out of it balance state, sloughing of dead skin cells is too slow, circulation is minimal, lymph drainage sluggish and our muscle and fascia to tight all that is the core of what’s causing skin to weaken, misbehave and age faster.

Here at URBAN Holistic we combine different methods in naturally stimulating your complexion to look its best and healthy. We believe in the movement, maintaining the microbioma, and boosting cells energy. Creating movement is what we are always trying to put our focus on. Deep cleansing and exfoliation are combined with shiatsu pressure point, connective tissue massage and lymphatic drainage to increase circulation and lymphatic flow to the tissues of the face, neck and décolleté area, bringing more nourishment and oxygen throughout the cells, allowing greater penetration of nourishment directly into the skin. Stimulating circulation brings life-giving oxygen to the cells, speeding the body’s ability to heal and make new, young, well-functioning cells. By promoting the removal of toxins, the lymph is stimulated to flush, or drain, any trapped toxins, metabolic waste and excessive fluids that can damage connective tissues. This is another reason why lymphatic drainage is such an important component in our treatments. Our holistic treatments not only benefit your skin, but revitalizes your mind and spirit as well. Our unique holistic approaches are what makes the URBAN Holistic experience unlike any other you have tried before.

Using products formulated with high-quality, naturally-effective ingredients is a critical element for result-oriented treatments. The URBAN Holistic approach focuses on reducing the visible signs of disbalance and aging through the use of specific ingredients and products carefully chosen to achieve this focus. These ingredients work with the skin, not against it. By taking an active, yet gentle approach, the skin’s natural healing abilities are encouraged, without the risk of irritation or unnecessary inflammation. We support skincare companies who have standards, taking pride in responsible harvesting, packaging and product testing, (beauty should not be painful to anyone, animals included).

Customized facials and peels, waxing, lash & brow plant tinting, sustainable and holistic Organic skincare (raw & real ingredients from around the world), different skincare line of products for more targeted, specific correction, and your home care regime are all working together to create holistic way for the body and soul. Science and years of experience come together to make the URBAN Holistic your choice and the ultimate retreat.

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