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Pure, concentrated products that are result of natural perfection, the highest manufacturing standards and aspiration for quality.

Carefully hand-picked with no added additives or preservatives in products but completely naturally perfect because their essence is left intact.

Salvia Kornati is a company primarily engaged in the production of essential oils, hydrosol and sage tea. Headquarters and manufacturing area are located in the heart of Kornati (Croatia) where in harmony with nature they create 100% natural products of the highest quality. Kornati are located in the heart of Dalmatia (Croatia). Unique micro location, an oasis of pure and untouched nature and a perfect combination of climate, specific karstic rock soil type have enabled sage to find everything it needs for its natural growth. This is where we collect all plants that we use in production. Hydrosol is filtered through a micro filter and for that a stable and secure hydrosol is produced. This is why these products is 3-6 times more concentrated hydrosol than from other producers.

The products are packed in the highest quality certified glass packaging that meets the highest environmental standards and ensures maximum protection and durability. Certified glass packaging is used in order to avoid possible contamination of the products that can occur when using plastic PET bottles.


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