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757 Natural Cosmetics

Skincare products with the beautiful story rooted and connected with the land Croatia itself. Hand made with natural COSMOS approved ingredients.

757 represents the number of natural beauties of Croatia, that is, the makers of this skincare brand calls them fragments of Croatia, and the idea is that each of their natural cosmetic products represents one natural beauty.

The vision is to develop natural products and 757 fragments of Croatia. Thus, they created categories of natural beauty: The Blues – 602 islands and islets, The Grays – 78 mountains, The Whites – 34 rivers, The Blacks – 24 natural lakes and The Greens – 19 national parks and nature parks, within which they will develop more new natural / plant products.

In addition to the story of 757 fragments that gives the whole picture of the beauties of Croatia, each product has a story of the natural beauty hold within. This is the way that makers want to inform the general public about the beautiful hidden places that make up the true charm of Croatian beauty, inviting customers to “use” fragments of Croatia – “Take a fragment of Croatia”.

The 757 brand bases its production on a sustainable production method and social responsibility. All products are made of natural ingredients only, and every single piece has been created by hand and craftsmanship. None of the products have been tested on animals and are vegan.

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