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About Sandra

Sandra is a Master Cosmetologist and Esthetician from Croatia
(4 years of schooling plus 3 years of work in that field to obtain the Master diploma)

Sandra has been an esthetician for more than two decades, and spent years researching natural approaches to health and healing. Her knowledge with her intuitive approach often serve as an additional asset in developing individualized skincare for her clients. She continues to deepen her knowledge in holistic ways by attending trade shows, advanced education workshops, studying under & collaborating with other estheticians & wellness industry professionals in Europe and America, and inspires her clients through education and support to achieve greater balance on all levels of their being (at least that’s what her clients say). With her long background, and her personal philosophy based on holistic health and wellness, and over two decades of providing top notch skincare treatments, Sandra moved to Ireland 2018 and in 2019 opened URBAN Holistic skin care salon. Visiting her salon, a client can expect pampering with extra attention and truly honest talk about the skin and powerful way of plants. She will work one-on-one with you to make changes resulting in beautiful, healthy skin. Sandra offers and use organic skin care products blended with the finest organic plant materials which she combines with pure botanicals, clays and different natural ingredients infused with the healing, restorative, and energizing powers of holistic modalities for your skin, and combining all of it with old/ new innovations to help your skin with health and vitality. Sandra has also created her own waxing technique that is quick, efficient, with less pain and clean. Her goal is not only to wax but also educate her clients on how to care for their skin, before, during and after wax treatments, so that their experience are with less discomfort and a positive one. Knowing different massage technique and modalities she creates relaxation or pain free massage with that holistic touch for your well-being. You will always leave her treatment room feeling relaxed, informed and glowing both inside and out.

Beauty and self-care nourish us. Approaching beauty with holistic care, nurture and rituals can help awaken our feminine fire, lift the vibrations and awaken passion for life. Putting nature (pure plant based products) on your skin, mindfulness and intention are the only requirements for turning a routine into a ritual.

Stay Vibrant!

– Sandra

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